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to ask your question in an easy env...

.. is a Q&A system for Nitro and ObjectGraph (Og). Ask your question to Nitro or Og, it'll most probably get answered by someone of the community in a short period of time. If the answer was useful for you, you can rate it.

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satisfying answer...

Questions without a positive rating (useful answer for questioner) stay in the list of to-be-answered questions.

ideas bundled as tips...

Apart from questions there are rated tips, for people who want to provide small snippets of knowledge noone asked for. There are often endless ways to the goal of your web-application, but maybe some methods are just cleverer, faster or better. It might also lead to features you never thought about before.


..is supposed to be an organized Q&A for Nitro ... people ask questions in an easy environment ... like, 1 question and like 5 tries to answer each question..

..it's kinda like a FAQ that evolves itself..