Fabian asked:

Where can I find examples created with Nitro?

00:57 < dcnstrct> guys, where can I find a good example of an application created with nitro ? 00:57 < dcnstrct> it can be simple, just a blog or something easy 00:58 < dcnstrct> btw I'm asking for the code, not just the url of the running app

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Vagabond answered:

Rubyforge contains a set of Nitro "example apps":http://rubyforge.org/frs/?groupid=418&releaseid=4533 There are also some "screencasts":http://nitrohq.com/view/Videos of George creating some Nitro apps in realtime (the source for these is in the examples bundle above).

There are also Spark and Flare (wiki and a blog) which are also available on the rubyforge project page.

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