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Linking to Actions?

If I want to link to Controller.action how am I supposed to do it. I heard you could use the R opera...

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Elements and actions

Ok, this one should be simple for someone who uses it, but drives me insane at the moment. I want to ...

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How do subelements work?

13:39 speaking of element, gmosx: can you explain the use of subelements? 13:40 Vagabond: you're ta...

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How would I query for a range in Og?

How would I query for a range in og? like list through the db by oid, even. you mean, like you wan...

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Is there a way to get a collection of every Og

original question by dcnstrct

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Tips with Tags: 0.29

Debug dump to web browser

Like to see an object in an easy to read format? Add #{debug variable} to your view for a YAML dump o...

Speeding up nitro

Is your nitro app slow? Set it than to production mode! Add the following line before starting nitro ...

How to implement a Pager

So, you've got a lot of data, which just won't fit on your page? You want it nicely spread over a few...

Compiler Pipelines for Templates

Written by Michael Fellinger and Andrew Thompson, edited by Fabian Buch Templates have to be transfor...

Dynamic Controls? Not really, or...?

This is how to make dynamic controls in Nitro 0.29 / 0.30 / 0.31 work! This tip is **deprecated** in ...

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A small project with Og

h2. Introduction - Installing prerequisites h3. Og (ObjectGraph) Og is a tool for Object Relational ...

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