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page templates

Hi! How can I easily do a page template globally to my nitro app? And if I want it to be controller-l...

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How do I override the default error page?

five wanted to know: > if I want to define a custom error page (instead of the Nitro default) do I ju...

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per-controller template folder?

Quote from: As seen in the code, every controller shoul...

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controller/template MVC style

I'm a bit confused about the relationshop between the controller and the template when rendering pag...

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something like rails partials

exist some nitro feature that works like rails partials? i've tried the following: #{my_menu} ...

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Using Elements

This is a quick guide how elements work in nitro and how you can yield all their power with just a fe...

Compiler Pipelines for Templates

Written by Michael Fellinger and Andrew Thompson, edited by Fabian Buch Templates have to be transfor...

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Tutorials with Tags: template

Nitro In Flames

h2. About this tutorial If you are searching for a simple way to get your first Hello World, keep on...

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